Sejun’s Arrival

As you know, my wife and I have been expecting our first child.  On the night of January 18, after calling the doctor, we went to the hospital, thinking the baby might be on its way.  Early the next morning, again thinking Robyn might be in labor, we called the doctor and were told to go back to the hospital.  On January 19 at 7:01pm, our son Sejun was born.

A new addition to the Lippert family

It was a great experience to have our baby born in Korea.  We were so impressed with the level of service and care we received at the hospital.  We are extremely grateful to Dr. Linton, the head of Severance Hospital, Dr. Cho, our obstetrician, and the entire team at Yonsei-Severance.  They are wonderful medical professionals that allowed us to have a fantastic experience.

  Robyn and Dr. Cho

Sejun’s full name is James William Sejun Lippert.  James and William are the names of both my father and my wife’s grandfather.  We had not wanted to know the baby’s gender in advance to keep it a surprise!  We had a feeling that the baby was a girl so we had not thought of many boys’ names, but knew that, regardless of a boy or a girl, we wanted our child to have a Korean middle name – as a special part of his or her history here in the Republic of Korea.  

While we were expecting, we had thought of possible Korean names and we shared possible ideas with Korean friends here in Seoul to get their thoughts and advice.  Talking with some Korean friends over dinner, they mentioned the “saju” process.  We liked the idea and after consulting with a “saju” specialist, we were given three possible names and our baby’s fortune. The name Sejun seemed just right.  We liked the meaning, the Chinese characters, the Hangeul, and the way the name sounded.  In fact, my wife and I -- and everyone -- are calling him by his Korean name, Sejun (except maybe Grigsby who “talks” to Sejun by barking, wagging his tail and trying to sniff him).

 The meaning of “Sejun”

Of course “big brother” Grigsby helped to welcome the new family member to our home.  Grigsby is always sniffing the baby and wagging his tail. He is very curious about the baby.  Robyn is also doing well.  The Korean Army Chief of Staff and his wife gave us some seaweed which is sure to be helpful in the recovery process.  We have found a Korean helper to assist us with the baby.  She speaks English, Korean and Chinese.  She is helping train us as new parents, teaching us some Korean customs and speaking to Sejun in Korean.  She is highly qualified, detailed and rigorous -- she keeps us running a tight ship.

Big brother Grigsby welcoming Sejun

I, of course, have been doing my part as well.  I am using diapering skills I learned as a big brother to my younger sisters.  When I was ten years old, my youngest sister was born and I tried my best to help my Mom and Dad. (Luckily nowadays, diapers are even easier to use!)

Me and Sejun

We are thrilled with all of the well wishes we have received for our family.  Thanks to all the Koreans who have posted their kind messages for us on Facebook and Twitter.  We were also thrilled to get a note wishing us well from Senator Leahy who represents the state of Vermont and is the most senior Senator.  Robyn and I met while working for him, so it was lovely to hear from him and be reminded of those days.

Robyn’s mom will be coming to Seoul soon. We look forward to introducing her to Sejun and to Korea.


  1. Lovely! Congratulations to the Lipperts. It's wonderful to see Korean culture becoming part of the whole family's lives.

  2. Congratulations to you and Robyn! And a big welcome to 세준! What a lovely story and meaning his name has.

  3. Congratulations! Just saw ur interview with MBC and thank u for naming ur child in Korean.

  4. Heartfelt Congratulations to the entire Lippert Family!
    Lauren Mihajlov

  5. Beautiful family! Grigsby is a star in his own right too! Sejun (seh-joon) is a most precious little guy!

  6. There should be a 'like' button on blogs as well... :) Congratulations! He's adorable and I'm sure he'll live up to his name.

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  8. Dear. Ambassador Mr. Lippert

    I feel sorry for the pro-North Korea man's terror

    but we all koreans are happy to hear you get well without big hurt.

    Ironically, this incident made more people got to know about your big affection and devotion to Korea.

    Also, on the contrary to North Korea 's intention, the relationship between South Korea and USA will be closer and stronger.

    Please get protected by security guards , with more diverse activities in korea.

    We koreans will always give you big support and affection.

    Ps. Sejun is so adorable ♡

  9. How lovely he is! I understand how you would be exhausted taking care of your first child. It's really a miracle and fantastic experience to have a first child. I hope your child Se-jun also become a great man who contributes relations between United States and Korea just like his father does. God bless you and your whole family!

  10. Hope you are recovering well. Sejun is very handsome and looks charming. I have a rescued collie, Ladsi, so it was heartwarming to see Grigsby looking adoringly, with love filled eyes up at Sejun. I volunteer with TEAM INCH Greyhound and hound rescue in Korea. I respect you and your family for sharing with Grigsby. Thank you very much and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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  13. Awww!! congratulations for arrival of new family member. sejun is really very cute and bubbly boy. you should go for baby contest of that cute baby. i also have one baby boy named as Mac, when he was born , i was just found a website which provides all kind of baby names according to different origin and also provide photo contest . you should have to go for this.


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