Spring Fever with Sejun and Grigsby

In celebration of the past Children’s Day holiday, I thought I would write about the two “little ones” in my life, Sejun and Grigsby.

A family photo in front of our residence (Photo courtesy of Korea Joongang Daily)

Even though I have a busy schedule, I try to get home in time to help put Sejun to bed.  (This can sometimes be a harder job than managing the U.S.-ROK relationship!)  The other night, I was out with a visiting friend of mine, and we were sharing stories over drinks.  It was a fun night and I ended up talking to some other friends and when I had the chance, I was texting with my wife, Robyn, trying to figure out when Sejun was going to fall asleep.

Any of you who are reading this and have your own children will know that getting a child to sleep can be a time-consuming process.  I have to confess that I actually was hoping to miss out on this event for one night and a few times I have come home to disrupt Sejun’s bedtime – much to the chagrin of Robyn. 

This night, we had formed a plan for me to come home after he had fallen asleep.  When I eventually got home, my plan seemed to have worked because Sejun was off in dreamland.  Relieved, I got ready for bed after a long day.  However, just as I put my head on the pillow, Sejun woke up.  Since I had been out having fun, it was my duty to take the night shift and care for Sejun while my wife tried to get some work done.  For almost two hours I tried my best to get him to go back to sleep – I carried him for a while, changed his diaper in the dark, we watched Pororo and Star Wars videos, we read some stories, and played with his toys.  He would eventually doze off, but every time I would tiptoe away, he would wake up and start crying.  Eventually, he dozed off on a small bed that we have on the floor (instead of his crib), but around 3:00am he woke up and was walking around.  I also woke up and opened the door.  In my fatigued state, the little guy managed to sneak past me, walk into the living room, and wriggled out of his diaper.  I then hear my wife telling me that she found Sejun standing in the living room, sans diaper, relieving himself on the floor.  Not only had he snuck out of his bedroom, but he somehow managed to wriggle out of his diaper on the way!  Robyn and I could only look at each other and laugh at this point….

After that exciting episode, we put a new diaper on Sejun and got him to sleep again.  “Finally, I’ll get some rest,” I thought!  But I was wrong.  At 4:00 a.m., my other “son” Grigsby woke up.  Suddenly Grigsby was howling- “wooooohwoooohwooooh.”  I’m still not sure what had gotten into him, but I gave him a hug and carried him to bed with me – where he promptly started snoring.  Eventually he stopped howling and fell asleep.  He may be four years old, but he’s still quite a baby!

Something does seem to have gotten into Grigsby lately.  We aren’t sure if he wants to find a girlfriend, if he’s feeling restless with the change in seasons, or if he just wants to play all of the time.  He’s been baying a lot and we think he has a case of spring fever.

Sejun and Grigsby in our kitchen

The two buddies

Despite all these midnight shenanigans in my house, I have managed to keep a busy schedule, both personally and professionally.  We recently hosted a reception at our residence, and Sejun got to meet the actor Ken Jeong from the Hangover movies. 

A family photo with Ken Jeong!

Maybe Sejun was inspired by meeting a Hollywood star?  Here he is in his Spiderman costume.

Sejun in a Spiderman costume!

This spring Grigsby and I enjoyed visiting the fountain in front of the Blue House to watch ROK military processions.  Robyn and I also had lots of fun taking Sejun to explore the wonderful Gwangjang Market recently.

Grigsby in front of the Blue House fountain

Robyn and Sejun at the Gwangjang Market!

Although I look forward to the days when I can once again sleep through the night, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the joy and happiness these two characters bring to my life.  To all of the parents out there, and all of the children, Happy Children’s Day!  Maybe as a gift to me, Sejun will sleep through the night…

We love you, Sejun!

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