My First Days In Seoul

Hello, everyone.  Welcome to my new blog.  I would like to start off by saying that I am truly honored and grateful to be here as the U.S. Ambassador to Korea, and I thank all of you for giving me a warm welcome.   I look forward to interacting with you via my blog.

Let me start by telling you about my first great week in Seoul.  I had excellent consultation with Korean officials including Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, Defense Minister Han Min-koo, and National Security Advisor Kim Kwan-jin, many of whom I already knew from my previous work in Washington.  I also had a chance to see some good friends from The Asia Foundation at their 60th Anniversary celebration. 

In addition to work, Robyn, Grigsby and I made the most of the fall weather walking around the city.  We also tried a lot of Korean food.  We love Korean BBQ and have already had it a number of times.  Despite our diligence, we were told by some good Samaritans sitting next to us that we were at risk of burning the meat.  We appreciated that the locals were so friendly in giving us tips for successful cooking.  Thanks to their good advice, the BBQ turned out great (although a little well done!) and I hope I become better at it the next time! 

Robyn after a delicious Korean meal

Our Basset Hound Grigsby has met many people since he’s been here, and seems to have settled into his new home.  Please say hello to us if you run into us walking around Seoul.

Grigsby in Seoul

We were lucky enough to attend a Korean baseball game this past weekend.  It was the 2014 Korean Series between the Samsung Lions and the Nexen Heroes.  I was impressed with the quality of play, the fast paced action and the high level of the players.  The crowd was terrific, energetic and supportive.  We noticed that no one left until the end of the game.  My baseball cuisine was also delicious - Korean-style “Chimac” (chicken & beer) with sweet and spicy chicken “Dakgangjeong” and Korean draft beer.

 Robyn and I at the baseball stadium

Before leaving the States, Robyn and I had my name and the American flag printed on some baseballs that were made in the U.S.  I gave one to our gracious KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) host and some other folks we met that night.

Our special present to baseball commentator Huh Gu-yeon!

Again, we are just thrilled to be in Korea. If you have suggestions for other Korean food to try or interesting places to go, please let me know.  I’m looking forward to eating delicious food, watching more great sports games, and learning all about Korean culture. 


  1. Welcome ambassador Lippert! I heard about your cute cute cute friend Grigsby. He already attracts lots of attentions from korean twitterians.

    I recommand you Chang Deok Palace to visit. It is a REALLY beautiful place. In Seoul, there are many palace but in my opinion Chang Deok is the best one^^. Welcome again!

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion. We will definitely get there soon!

  3. Hi Mr. Lippert
    Welcome to Korea :)

  4. Welcome Ambassador Lippert! I wish you and your growing family a smooth and wonderful transition into Korea! Stay warm as the weather gets colder!

  5. Welcome!
    You already successfully have started your great weekend without our help. :)
    As someone said, palaces like Chandeok, Kyongbok, Deoksoo are places you must see.
    Gwangjang, Namdaemoon and Noryangjin seafood market are fun places too.
    Bukchon and Seochon villages, Namhansanseong, Suwon whaseong are good place to see Korean traditional things.
    Samchengdong is a great place to combine traditional and mordern cultures.
    Hongdae, Garosoogil, Itaewon are places you can feel yound mood and see trendy ones.
    There are bunch of placses all over in Korea. If you want to know more, let me know.

    불고기, 갈비, 삼계탕, 설렁탕, 감자탕, 떡볶이, 순두부, 제육볶음, 삼겹살 (I prefer 항정살 to 삼겹살), 김치찌개, 된장찌개, 자장면, 짬뽕, 탕수육, 칼국수, 만두, 수제비, 돈까스, 냉면, 국수,,,,, these are food we often eat.

    Hope it helps you and I run into you someday too. :)
    Welcome again, make a great time here.

  6. Welcome to Seoul. A lot of average American citizens don't know about the Korean Republic that much and that bothers a lot of Koreans thinking about studying in the U.S because of racist words and unfair treats. Hope you show many positive and unique things to people in your country so that many more Koreans can feel safe and welcomed while they travel or study in the U.S. Thanks. From Nathan Kim.

  7. Dear. Ambassador Mr. Lippert

    I feel sorry for the pro-North Korea man's terror

    but we all koreans are happy to hear you get well without big hurt.

    Ironically, this incident made more people got to know about your big affection and devotion to Korea.

    Also, on the contrary to North Korea 's intention, the relationship between South Korea and USA will be closer and stronger.

    Please get protected by security guards , with more diverse activities in korea.

    We koreans will always give you big support and affection.

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