Welcome to Seoul, Shake Shack!

I recently attended a housewarming ceremony to celebrate the opening of the first Shake Shack in South Korea.  I am a huge fan of their hamburgers and was excited to hear this popular franchise was going to join the local dining scene in Seoul.

A fresh selection of Shake Shack burgers!

During the event, I had a chance to meet two of the men behind this new enterprise, Mr. Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack, and Mr. Hee-soo Hur, Senior Managing Director of the SPC Group.  We had a lively discussion about their new store in Gangnam, the current burger scene in Korea, and their future business plans.

From left to right: Senior SPC Group Managing Director Hee-soo Hur, Shake Shack Vice President for International License Business Michael Kark, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti, and U.S. Embassy Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs David Gossack

Shake Shack originally started as a hot dog cart in New York City.  It was set up in 2001 to serve concessions at an art installation in a park.  The cart was a huge success and word spread rapidly resulting in long lines of food enthusiasts waiting to sample their delicious offerings.   The company soon decided to establish a permanent kiosk in the park and Shake Shack was officially born.

With Senior Managing Director of the SPC Group Hee-soo Hur

Shake Shack is no stranger to international operations and already has 35 locations in a number of foreign countries including the United Kingdom, Japan, UAE, Russia, and now South Korea!  And it couldn’t have picked a better local partner than the SPC Group, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the country, which operates Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant, Passion 5 and many more successful Korean chains.  Together, these partners have a vast amount of business experience and, if my taste buds are any indication, they are undoubtedly headed for great success in Seoul.

Enjoying my first Shake Shack burger in Seoul!

The Shake Shack is well-known in the United States for serving fantastic burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, and more.  I was excited to sample their food and I’m pleased to report that the food at Shake Shack’s new Gangnam location tastes just like it does back home.  In fact, I was originally planning to stop after eating one burger, but couldn’t resist and ended up eating two more.

It’s really hard to eat just one of these burgers.

There was also an incredible line-up of beverages on offer, including beer from the highly rated and locally-brewed Hand and Malt Brewing Company.  Shake Shack is also famous for its milkshakes – it’s in its name, after all! – so I enjoyed a delicious red bean shake with my food.  This flavor is unique to Shake Shack Korea’s menu, so you can only find it at the Gangnam location. 

Trying one of the exclusive red bean shakes.

My wife was unable to attend the event so I made sure to bring a few burgers home to share with her – needless to say, she was a little more excited than usual to see me when I got home.  She enjoyed the food as much I did and we are looking forward to our next visit to the Shake Shack for a delicious meal.  See you there!  

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