Ulchi Dragon Lift Exercise

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Ajou University Trauma Center in Suwon to observe the Ulchi Dragon Lift Exercise.  This was part of the annual U.S.-ROK joint military exercises known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian, designed to rehearse the cooperation of U.S. and South Korean defense forces and to maintain combined force readiness.

Meeting troops at the Ajou University Trauma Center in Suwon

After arriving, I was able to speak with the hospital staff and learn about the specifics of the exercise and the Ajou University Trauma Center’s role in it.  It was really great to get a tour of their state-of-the-art facilities and to see them in use to care for U.S. service members who were brought in for treatment during this mock exercise.  Soldiers arrived by train and by helicopter, and I was able to meet many of them.  Some were even going to be staying there overnight.

To a successful Ulchi Dragon Lift Exercise!

I received an informative briefing from Trauma Center Chief Lee Cook-Jong.  In 2011, Dr. Lee was head of the team that saved the life of South Korean freighter captain Seok Hae-kyun, who was shot after his boat was seized by Somali pirates.

Listening to Dr. Lee Cook-jong (in yellow) discuss the exercise

While speaking with the Ajou University Hospital president, Mr. Yoo Hee-suk, I was informed that the hospital’s Trauma Center was modeled after U.S. Navy hospitals in San Diego and elsewhere.  All of the hospital staff were very knowledgeable and experienced, with many coming from both military and civilian backgrounds.  I was really impressed by the outstanding level of cooperation between our two countries at the hospital, and I am really proud of everyone who participated in this important exercise.
With the key leaders of the Ulchi Dragon Lift Exercise

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